Walk On The Wild Side

Now, now, boys and girls…you aren’t coming to Maui to be shy. Maui is a land of exotic fantasies and like Las Vegas, we know how to keep a secret.

Maui tends to be discreet when it comes to playful offerings for adventurous couples and singles. Well, here at Maui Today we’re going to blow the lid off of some of the questions that you might have but are afraid to ask.


Technically, by law, none of the beaches on Maui are “clothing optional”. The reality behind it is that we do have a few secluded beaches that are definitely “designated” nude beaches. 

The most popular spot to get naked and sandy is Little Beach out in Makena. It’s separated from Big Beach (Oneloa) by the Pu’u Ola’i cinder cone…It’s a short climb away from the popular (and bathing-suit necessary) Big Beach, but it completely hidden from view. 

What you’ll find out at Little Beach is a little cove with water that is clear and perfect for swimming and snorkeling…snorkeling at a nude beach is quite an experience…to say the least. A word to the wise would be to not try to attract more fish than necessary with breadcrumbs etc. The last thing you want is a bunch of little Nemo’s in a feeding frenzy around your naked body.

There are all kinds of people that enjoy the freedom of Little Beach. You’ll meet CEO’s unwinding, hippie-kids having “an experience, man”, locals and regular old folk just plain sunbathing. Nothing too weird going on—everybody basically behaving themselves. It’s a fun place to let your hair down…highly recommended.

The most amazing nude beach is in Hana. It’s called Red Sand or “Kaihalulu” Beach. It’s not that easy to locate and is even harder to hike down to, but boy is it worth it. It is by far my favorite beach on the island. You won’t find any real “sand” here, just little, smooth reddish brown volcanic cinders that look exactly like Cocoa Pebble cereal. The little cove of a beach is back dropped by the cliffs of Ka’uiki Hill (also brownish red). When you’re at Red Sand, you really feel like you are on a different planet. You will find complete seclusion from the rest of the world…the only thing in your field of vision will be the deep blue Hana sea. It is breathtaking.

Nudity here is so natural. There’s no question about it. You get a feeling of being in tune with nature and the idea of a bathing suit kind of becomes ridiculous. It’s hard to come back to reality from Red Sand. You’ll find yourself refusing to put your clothes back on when you get to your condo…it brings out the lost innocence (or the naked three year old) in people.

For the locations of Little Beach and Red Sand please see our Off the Beaten Path section.

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Bored? Curious? In love with love? Why not, while you are far away from home, do a little experimenting with big girl and boy toys and games? C’mon…you know you want to.

Maui has a handful of adult novelty shops that are sure to equip you with fun stuff for hot nights and lazy days of passion. The nice thing is that Maui people (and businesses) are very down to earth and not very outwardly outrageous when it comes to exploring sensuality. This means that you won’t find red flashing neon XXX’s over shop doorways, which is a good thing if you’re new to this stuff.

All of the adult novelty shops here on Maui are clean, comfortable and friendly. You can walk in with confidence that you will be respected and safe while doing your shopping. My favorite shop on the island is The Love Shack in Kihei. It’s been around forever and a day and Lila, its owner, is an open, honest, and friendly Mauian. The Love Shack caters to everyone—from those who’ve got all of love’s toppings, to those that just want a taste. Everyone is welcome, and anything goes.

Expect to find toys for him and her, him and him, her and her…him, him and her…if you can imagine it, one of the adult stores on Maui has got it. They also have a wide selection of books, magazines and VHS and DVDs.

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Okay, so we don’t have any strip clubs. Nadda, not one. What we have here are “Korean Bars”. This is kind of a touchy little subject, but definitely worth talking about. Here we go… 

Central Maui is the home of the “Korean Bar”, sometimes called a “lounge”. In it you will find a predominantly local clientele of middle-aged “my wife divorced me or is about to” men. Nowadays, though, Korean bars are becoming a little popular with local men in their mid-twenties…the next generation of regulars?

There is no staged nudity or dancing in these bars, just good old fashioned “company” by some beautiful, well dressed, head-strong Asian girls that speak very little English. My predication is that if you are a single male traveler, or a group of male travelers, for that matter, you will be treated well at just about every Korean bar you hit…If they know you’re a tourist and you smell anything like cold hard cash, you’ll be drinking beers with island beauties (notice the plural there) in your lap until last call.

This is the way that it works… Girls will ask you to buy them a “drink”…this is no ordinary drink…first of all it’s probably not very strong and secondly it costs about twenty bucks. The more you buy the more they stay. These are ambitious, working women and you’ll get your money’s worth if what you’re after is a pretty face and very little talk.

Remember, this is not prostitution, although the lines seem to get a little crossed at points. This is especially important to remember at closing time when you’ve had five drinks and a woman on your knee all night. 

Don’t over step boundaries at these bars. Let the girl do the leading and you do the following. That’s the way that it works in places like this, even more so when you are odd-man-out in a bar full of regulars who have fallen for the working girls. 

Korean bars are for the tourist that wants a little bit of the seedy life…something to tell the boys back home about. They are strange and dark little places and can be dangerous if you don’t try to behave yourself. For the locations of Korean Bars please see our Off the Beaten Path section. 

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