Tips For The Bride & Groom 

maui wedding packagesHelpful Tips For The Bride & Groom 

Your plane has just touched down in Hawaii and your wedding is just days away. The lovely "wahine" at the rental car agency has handed you the keys to the convertible, words like "aloha" and "mai tai" are starting to roll off your tongue and for some reason the two of you just can't stop smiling. Beginning at this moment, the following beauty and grooming tips are offered for both of you - some obvious, some "only in Hawaii". 

If at all possible, stay out of the sun until after your wedding. With the top down, the tropical sun will burn you in the short half-hour drive from the airport to the resorts as well as just taking a stroll down the street. And even as professional as our photographers are, they are powerless to remove seat belt strap lines from your wedding photographs. If however, the lure of the beach proves irresistible, cover yourselves all over with the highest sunscreen you can find. 

Also the bride should check her bathing suit straps against her wedding gown. The bride and groom should beware of neck and shoulder burn from tank tops while cruising around the beautiful island. 

Avoid hair styles that leave loose strands hanging down the sides of your face. While these hair styles are flattering in the hair salon, as soon as you walk outside to your wedding site, you will be confronted with Hawaii's secret to a balmy climate - the island trade winds. And again, while wedding photographers can restage formal poses, they are helpless if the bride has loose hair blowing across her face during the ceremony. While the trades are wonderful for blowing away tropical heat and humidity, they can turn a veil into a sail. An alternative to the veil is the beautiful Haku lei Hawaiian brides wear in their hair. The flowers are both flattering and traditional. 

Pedicures and manicures for the bride should be done the day prior to her wedding, thus insuring her beautiful hands and feet do not get smudged. 

Don't forget the groom. Before the wedding the groom should join his bride for a manicure. During your ceremony, one of the shots the photographer will be most diligent about is the exchange of wedding rings. In fact, to ensure a memorable photo, many photographers will have you rehearse putting on the rings before the ceremony. When the camera zooms in for a close-up, you can both be assured your hands will be as attractive as your rings. 

Locations versus the style of shoes worn by the bride are often confronted by high heels getting stuck in the sand and the bride sinking into the sand and ruining a gorgeous pair of shoes. Keep the heels in the car and bring sandals to wear if at a beach location. 

After your ceremony you probably will want dinner. Your coordinator can arrange for a romantic dinner on the beach or give suggest one of many fine dining establishments as well as mak the reservations. 

If you are thinking of a luau after your wedding, it is sometimes difficult if you are having a sunset ceremony, as they both start at the same time. Usually it is best to plan a luau either before your wedding day or after it. 


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maui wedding packagesFinding a Wedding Coordinator 

Why do I need a wedding coordinator to arrange my Maui wedding? Why can't I just arrange the whole thing myself? How hard can it be? 

If you want, you can make all of the individual arrangements for your wedding in paradise. All it takes is about a week off work, studying a variety of websites, printing them out and evaluating the vendors you would like to perform at your wedding. Then you have to call all of them and check their references, ask them about their availability on your date, pay them each a deposit so you can be assured that they will show up, and hope that you made the right choices. 

Some folks even take a scouting vacation 4-6 months ahead to talk to their photographer, musicians and bakers, scout possible locations and sign all the contracts needed. If you have the time and money to do this, that's great! But how many of us have that luxury? 

Then there is your wedding day - now you have to call the photographer to make sure he will be at your hotel at the proper time to get your pre wedding portraits taken, rush out to pick up your dress from the presser, go to the flower shop and pick up your bouquet and leis for your guests, show up early for your hair & make-up appointment at the salon, make sure that you have your license and your rings, and get to the wedding site in time to tell your guests where to go. After you have been running around all day, you're exhausted. Then the worst possible thing happens... it starts to rain! Your beautiful beach wedding is unraveling around you. The musicians say that they won't take their instruments out in the rain and that they need an indoor location to play, the videographer isn't taking his $30,000 digital camera out in the rain because it will stop working in high humidity, your beautiful silk gown is getting ruined, and your hair is a mess after you just spend $175 on the hairstylist! 

What are you going to do? You can't postpone the wedding, your minister is not available any other day this week and your reception is all planned and paid for! You didn't think it was going to rain, you thought is was always bright and sunny in Maui in June. You didn't plan an alternative indoor rain location, and now it's too late. Your guests are upset, your vendors won't work, and even your groom is having second thoughts. 

Everyone is crouched under a tree saying, "She should have hired a Wedding Planner". But you thought, "How hard can it be to arrange my own wedding in Maui?". 

There are a number of qualified, prepared, and experienced wedding coordinators in Maui who would have been able to fix your wedding disaster. They would have made all the arrangements, coordinated all the vendors, flowers, and reception. On your wedding day you could have been having your pedicure out by the pool while sipping on Champagne without a care in the world. If you are considering arranging your own wedding in the islands, GOOD LUCK! Why don't you just hire a wedding planner who can do it all for you. Make sure that they know what your wishes are and guarantee that they can produce your wedding - come rain or shine. 

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